1. Rakkaussalmiakki – The salty loves
The winner of Salmiakki Finlandia 2017 – award
This super salty candy is going to surprise you!
There are both red and black candies in the package.
Naturally you will be thinking that black ones are the salty ones
and red ones will taste like raspberry, but no!
Color is just for tricking you, they both are really salty ones
with random raspberry flavored stripes. Taste it and love it!

Available in 150g packages, 16pc/cartoon
or bulk 2kg box, 6 box/cartoon

2. Pöyröö puluveri – Salty licorice powder
The winner of Salmiakki Finlandia 2012 – award
This product is really nostalgic. Powder is the original form for
salty licorice that was sold in pharmacies nearly hundred years ago.
Many adults still can remember how they used to go to
pharmacy as a child to get a small paper bag of salty licorice
powder and dip their finger in it. Nowadays people use salty
licorice powder in various ways. Some people enjoyit the a
traditional way, some use it to lollypops and it´s getting all the time
more and more popular to use salty licorice for baking, ice-cream making and cooking. Alcohol drinks with salty licorice are also really popular in Finland and Pöyröö Powder is also perfect for making shots!

Available in 50g jars, 25pc/cartoon, 180g bottles, 10pc/cartoon
or bulk 1,5kg box, 6 box/cartoon

3. Salmiakkinappi – Salty licorice buttons
This is Namitupa´s classic and original salty licorice. This delicious salmiakki was finalist in Salmiakki Finlandia competition year 2015.
Available in 120g packages, 21pc/cartoon or bulk 1,7kg box, 6 box/cartoon

4. Mango-salmiakki – Salty licorice with mango flavor
Strong salty licorice with fresh mango flavor. New kind of salty licorice with a twist.
People just love this combination!
Available in 90g packages, 24pc/cartoon, 120g packages, 24pc/cartoon or bulk 2,4kg box, 6 box/cartoon

5. Veriappelsiini-salmiakki – Salty licorice with bloodorange flavor
Strong salty licorice with fresh bloodorange flavor. Same type of delicious combination as mango-salmiakki.
Available in 90g packages, 24pc/cartoon,1 20g packages, 4pc/cartoon bulk 2,4kg box, 6 box/cartoon

6. Pirun väkevät pohjalaiset – pippurisalmiakki
Salty licorice buttons with cayenne pepper. This is not just a salty candy but it will give you as well a peppery kick! Loved by the friends of hot flavors.
Available in 120g packages, 20pc/cartoon or bulk 1,7kg box, 6 box/cartoon

7. Häjysalmiakkityyny – Salty licorice pillows
This is the new member in Namitupa salty licorice family. Lovely salmiakki with salty licorice powder in and top of it. Perfect balance of salt and sweet.
Salmiakki Finlandia – finalist 2018.
Available in 120g packages, 24pc/cartoon or bulk 2,2kg box, 6 box/cartoon


8. Salty licorice lollipops 12g
In this lollypop you can enjoy the original taste of salty licorice
from beginning to the end.
This lolly has been finalist product in Salmiakki Finandia – competition year 2014.

Available 200pc/cartoon.

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