Kick for your taste buds!

Namitupa – Salmiakki Finlandia awarded
traditional candy factory specialized in salty licorice

Namitupa is a little traditional candy factory located in Ilmajoki,
a small village in west part of the Finland, the land of the thousand lakes.
We have a long and strong experience of the candy production and wholesale.
All Namitupa products are handcrafted with love.

Namitupa produce all sorts of candies but our speciality and true passion
is salty licorice, “salmiakki” as it´s called in Finland.
In addition to producing super tasty traditional salty licorice candies
we have developed several new beloved salty licorice products with the twist.

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Are you interested in retailing?

Please, contact us:
Namitupa, Oy Freca Sales Ab,
tel +358 (0)6 4241912
Kauppatie 25, 60800 Ilmajoki, Finland